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About Taste India




Taste-India was opened by Abdul Kobir in early 2000. Abdul Kobir, has been in the restaurant / takeaway trade since the age of 16, starting off as a helper in the kitchen, moving on to as a side chef, then moving out of the heated kitchen to becoming a waiter.

What started off as gossip between neighbours and friends over dinner parties, and also a dream, finally has become reality for Abdul Kobir. after all those several years in the restaurants / takeaways trade, and entertaining his neighbours and friends, gathering all his experiences and knowledge, he has opened his own takeaway 'Taste-India' applying the best of the best experiences and knowledge obtained through out his life.

While entertaining his family/friends/neighbours, all recommended for him to keep all dishes in the same home cooked, to provide his customers with a home style cooking at its finest.  


Taste-India is situated in the heart of Timperley village, Altrincham. The grand build which Taste-India occupies was formerly a butchers, and now offers modern, yet warm surroundings, where you can enjoy the finest of Indian cuisine. Taste-India still maintains the original concept of providing home-style Bangladeshi/Indian cooking at its best. The menu has been very carefully developed over the last few years to accommodate for all tastes.


At Taste-India, we offer the most authentic Bangladeshi/Indian dishes, which have evolved over centuries to perfection. Each dish is prepared with a variety of spices and ingredients to create a distinct and individual flavour. For centuries, some of these spices have been prescribed for their health imparting qualities and ancient healing properties. Our fresh ingredients are skilfully cooked to preserve a low fat, high nutritional value, prepared for your liking. Our spice levels range from mild to medium, hot to courageous!


All our food is prepared using the finest ingredients, individually blended, which enables us to offer our customers a distinctive range of Indian dishes, we do not use any artificial ingredients in our food. The staff and management of Taste-India look forward to offering you a warm welcome and a meal to remember.

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